Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A day of remembering...

Perhaps today is not a day for art...but for reflection...

I occasionally write poetry, not as often anymore, since I paint.  It seems to me, you often only have one muse or the other, not two.  I was looking at one I wrote and it seemed appropriate for today...


And it is over,
it is done;
here too briefly,
gone too soon.
Borne on the wind,
memories of love;
bonds broken,
spirits sadden;
motes of dust,
dancing in the sun,
reflections of,
thoughts and
phrases spoken.
Untold words
speak inside,
where only now
no one can hear;
silence heavy,
sounds weighted
with grief and tears.
Over now, and yet
beginning too,
angels weep;
guilt and blame,
release from
freedom, and chains
binding further
than in life.
The good die;
evil flourishes;
questions fill us,
answers elude,
and we wait;
we watch as
raindrops fall like
tears of silver.
Neverending, eternal
flames of night,
eating at our
ability to cope;
the days pass,
hours crawling,
minutes hastening.
And it is over,
it is done;
too soon we say,
too late we cry;
finished for now.

Prayers for those in Boston...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A quick update...

Just a few more paintings I've been doing...I need to finish up two that have been sitting here for awhile...they just need "something" that has been elusive...lol.  I have been a bit stressed out about mom...and it shows in my lack of organization.

Been thinking about Bob a lot lately too...missing him...



Sand Dune...24x18

Yellow Roses...18x24

I hope you enjoy seeing what I've been up to. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Painting 'for' stress...

Painting has always had a calming effect on me...and I have needed it lately.  My mom has been in the hospital twice, and there was a fatal car crash outside my house.  Talk about stress...haha!  So, I have been practicing new techniques and trying to learn new things (some of them are pretty basic...some not).

This one was just for fun...

The King...  12x9

When mom started having problems, I decided it was time to do what had been on my mind for awhile...I had wanted to do one that had not only her current self, but her younger self as well.  I'd planned on something different, but this is what I did...and it kept me from worrying quite so much...
In Her Dreams...  18x24

Then back to just for fun...quick studies...
 Flamingo...  11x14
Bugs-eye View...  8x10

Then I got serious again, and both wanted and needed the calming effect of this one...
Balance and Harmony...  18x24 wrapped canvas

I hope you enjoying seeing what I have been doing.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A long overdue update...

I know I have not posted in quite awhile...this was due to a number of things; I went to the Atlanta area, to visit my kids and grandkids, and then brought my oldlest grandson, Aaron, back to Mississippi with me, to help me finish sorting thru' stuff, and fixing some things around the house that I could not do myself.  We worked hard, and my house is now a house, instead of a storage room!  Such a wonderful feeling and I am forever grateful to his mom, and to him for all the help!

I did not paint while I was gone, or while he was here...so I have been trying to make up for a couple months off...haha!!

I did paint a few things after the rose, some of which had time constraints on as far as when I could post them...so I will show you the pre-trip work first.

I hope you like them....

My oldest daughter...Liz

20x16 wrapped canvas

A lighthouse from a verbal challenge, where we got a word picture to paint from rather than a photograph...much harder to do than I thought it would be...
20x24 wrapped canvas...the rocks in front are 3 dimensional done with modeling paste...still am not quite happy with this one, so it may undergo some changes...

Some beautiful morning glories...
10x8 wrapped canvas

An anniversary present for a lady who loves butterflies...
8x10 wrapped canvas

My lovely daughter-in-law, Denise...
20x16 wrapped canvas

A ballerina...just for fun...

12x12 wrapped canvas

Once I was alone, again, I was kind of in a hurry to start painting again...lol  So I quickly did a Christmas painting for the front porch...
20x24 on posterboard

While I was at my daughters, I did sketch a bit, and one was of a lady holding a snowball, from an ad for travel.  I could see so much more...
14x11 wrapped canvas

Then, since I had my daughters done, I started on the guys...This is my Mandi's husband, David...they have not seen it yet, and I so hope they like it!!
20x16 wrapped canvas

Then a little something different, because I love the blues...
12x12 wrapped canvas...still have some work to do, and will post the finish later...

Then, I went back to landscapes, and did one based on a quick study I had done earlier this year...
24x20 wrapped canvas...I think I am pretty much done with this one.

This should catch everyone up, on what I have been doing for the last few months.  Thanks for looking!