Sunday, August 10, 2014

Been a slack year for blogging, as you can tell.  :)   Here's a quick recap of what I was doing instead of blogging.

I spent a big portion of last year at my daughter's, helping with the rescue animals, of which there are many; at the time, there were 6 pot bellied pigs, 11-21 cats and kittens, two dogs, and an assortment of puppies.  I went to animal-sit,  so they could do some travelling.  It was interesting, and certainly kept me busy!  She has since moved to a small farm, where she has been able to take in more pigs and animals in need.  Pigs Are People Too    The rescue is for pot belly pigs, but she does take in some dogs, cats, and recently a rooster.  She may be getting a cow as well.  I so admire her for all she does, to try and save as many animals as she can.

I had thought about moving closer to the Atlanta area, as that is where my kids and grandkids are, but for now I am going to stay in Mississippi. So I have been working on the house (finally have gone thru' all the boxes from the move here after Bob passed away), and trying to redo my studio;  it just was not working out, as far as convenience goes.  I think it's better now, but time will tell.

I got to spend a little time with my parents, once in Sept, 2013, and again in May of this year.  I am so fortunate to still have them in my life!

I also got to deal with car trouble, frozen pipes, and a major computer crash, where I lost many photos, both reference and of my artwork.  My grandson is still hoping he can rescue some of it...we shall see.

However, I did keep my hand in at painting, some at my daughter's and some here at the house.  Rather than try and present any kind of timeline, I am just going to group most of it, so you can see what I've been up to.  I hope you enjoy looking.

Flowers are such beautiful and delicate things, and I enjoy painting and preserving them.

Pink Calla
10x8 canvasboard 


9x12 paper

Red Tulips
24x18 wrapped canvas
this one is a reversal of the white tulips I did, both of which were from a Paint-a-Long on florals

11x14 wrapped canvas

11x14 wrapped canvas

Scarlet Seductions
16x20 wrapped canvas

I did some animals, birds, and sea life...there are so many endangered animals out there, and my heart goes out to them all.   A couple of my paintings were auctioned for her rescue group.  

8x12 paper

German Shepard
Auction for rescue shelter

20x16 wrapped canvas

My Sweet Mercy
12x16  canvasboard
Portrait of a rescued Pit Bull mix...

A rescue kitty...

European Wolf
24x18 acrylic wrapped canvas

Mom's Giraffe
A gift for my mom who loves all things "giraffe"

8x10 canvasboard
My feathered friends from the yard...I love to sit on the porch and watch them...and have taught some of them to "wolf whistle" as part of their repertoire...amazing how many things they can mimic!

Mr. Manatee
24"x18"  wrapped canvas

 The Rooster
I did this before she got the rooster...but hopefully Thurston's leg will heal and he will stand proud again!

Sammy in the Snow
16"x12" canvasboard
from a lesson on how to paint fur

7x5 canvasboard

Fearlessly At Rest
20x16 wrapped canvas
Finished this one a few days ago.

Found I really enjoy doing still life paintings, and have been fortunate to find many reference photos at Wet Canvas and a site called Paint My Photo... 

Still Life with Glass
20x16 canvasboard

 Pears and Grapes
9x12  paper

Oranges on Blue
11x14 wrapped canvas

Family Memories
24"x 18" wrapped canvas
a set up of my own, with some old family momentos

 Apples and a Pot
24"x18" wrapped canvas 
another Paint-a-Long on lost and found edges

Eggs in the Basket
14x18  canvasboard 

I did a series of famous stars....from Marilyn to Elvis and in between: 

Dorothy Lamour
14x11  canvasboard 

20x16 wrapped canvas 

Katharine Has the Blues (Katharine Hepburn) 
14x11 canvasboard

Greta Garbo
14x11  canvasboard 

Marilyn Monroe
24x18   wrapped canvas

Then my dad, my son, and some other interesting folks....

My Dad
20x16  canvasboard 

My Son, Pat
20x16 wrapped canvas 


Zambian Singer
14x11  canvasboard

 Bahamian Man
14x11  canvasboard 

12x9  paper

Belly Dancer
14x11 canvasboard
In memory of a wonderful night at a Moroccan restaurant...

Celtic mists
24x18  wrapped canvas

Harp Magick
18x24 wrapped canvas

I was pleased to be asked to do the cover for my sister-in-law's newest CD..."Connections"!  She is so good!  You can find her music here....Ginger Ackley...Celtic musician

20x24 wrapped canvas

Then a few other things, for fun....some from challenges online, and photos I liked.  So much beauty and so little time! 

Ohio Barn
14x11 canvasboard

The Doorway
18x24 acrylic wrapped canvas

Guitar Pickin'
7x5 canvasboard

Lincoln Beach in Autstralia
11x14 canvas
from a Paint-a-Long on waves

Recently, at Wet Canvas,  an online artist site  Wet Canvas , we've been doing a Paint-a-Long on glass and metal; so far we have just done glass.  So much to learn!  I really love the challenges and classes we do, it's a great way to acquire and strengthen my skills!

Old Bottles
 14x11 canvasboard
Remember the Mrs. Butterworth bottles? 

Crystal Glass
10x8 paper

Glass with Rose
 14x11 canvasboard

Glass Bottle
10x8 paper

Glass of Wine
14x11 canvasboard

This should catch everyone up on what I've been doing for a year.   I hope to not let so much time slip away, but there do not seem to be enough hours in the day to paint, and read, to observe and live life, and blog  Maybe I should take a course in time management?  if I could find the time.  Thanks for looking.

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