Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Return...

Bob is home, and tho' things are far from peaceful, they are better.  Bubba has a hard time dealing with stress, so he acts out when there is a lot of it around; I would say Bob's stay in the hospital would rank fairly high on the stress level.

It is hard getting used to Bob being home now, and then for him to be was not the same as him being on  the road.  I had a hard time sleeping and just sort of feel numb.  He slept on and off on the way home, and I hope he sleeps good tonight.

I have not done much artwork in awhile, but I have dabbled a bit, and sketched as well.  I hope to do more soon,  I thought I would share just a few.

This is one I did just for fun...learning more about textures....I tried to make it look as tho' the oranges were bursting from the box. It was fun to experiment with glass beads, and modeling paste...

This is the brother of a good friend....still need to work on a few things, but I could not resist the pout!

During doctor visits and tests, anytime I end up sitting and waiting on someone...I sketch....I 'always' have my sketchbook and a pencil and use pics that I bring, magazines, or objects/people in the waiting rooms, as subject matter.  There are many more, and some of these are not really finished....some I go back and work on, and some not.

This one I did after my first session on a dear friend....I did not like how the painting was going, so I sketched to see if that would help me with positioning, etc....

He was just too cute to resist!

This is the elephant, from a photo of my son riding one many years ago; I hope to paint it one day....

This is part of a photograph of my grandmother and her father....from the family archives, so to speak.  I am hoping to paint it one day...and so I have been working on sketches of them....

My great grandpa Waller (from just a few minutes sketching in the ER)

My dad's mom, grandma Ackley....

Photo from a magazine....

From another magazine...Paul McCartney sings...

a ram....

One of my fav people... Sarah Palin

Well, I fell asleep at my desk for most of the evening, and did not get this posted....but, here it is now.  Hopefully, I will get my brain back in gear soon, and make more

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DeJa Vu?

Well, I am it just that we anticipate a better life? or are we destined never to find it?

Bob is in the hospital and they are not sure if he had another heart attack or just angina...which is new.  We are hoping he can come home today...but then we hoped that yesterday too.

Hard to get coherent thoughts together...will post more later.  All prayers and good thoughts are welcome!!

Friday, December 24, 2010's Christmas time again????

Hmmmmm...let's see....add two parts stress, and four parts pain in joints, as the year passes take these to the square root of 10 and increase exponentially as time gets shorter and the sun shines, increase the stress by larger portions when the pain reaches critical points...add in the volatility of the manchild increased by the sum of insanity plus the lack of a caregiver, but only when it's total is greater than the original total of the stress plus pain...which is greater than the total of the whole total in the past 10 months...????

Oh crap, never was that good at math anyway!  I do know it added up to a lot of hiding in Farmville and Farmtown (for non-Facebook people, those are games, very time-consuming games).  From the urging of my hubby, to play so we would have a similar intrest, has grown a full blown addiction!  Yes...I find it impossible to not play, and seem to again find it impossible to quit once I have started...I have lists of things to do...but people don't seem to understand when I say I just had to plant and harvest first.  And most of the bill collectors have no sense of humor about it, tho' I have discovered a few fellow addicts among them.  Let us just say, it has been a LONG year, with way too much 'real life' to interfere with my online life and artwork.

Things are beginning to look up....we just bought a house....and that was the easy!!!  Now we get to remodel it...or should I just say demo most of the inside and re-wire & re-plumb all of it; completely redo the kitchen and walls, new floor, new ceilings....fence the yard ...and so on....and hopefully have it close enough to live in by Feb.  Yeah, sure, we old folks are gonna have a lot more aches and pains than we have!!

Yet, hopefully, we will find that 3 disabled people can find happiness in a new place...I know we will find change....and am grateful for the chance.

Will try to post as we you can peek at our progress.....could prove to be humorous...or not?

Here is the best Christmas present we could have asked for!!

To all our family and friends, near and far, from in this area to all over the world....May the peace and joy of this holiday season, bring us all closer together and fill our hearts with boundless joy!!  We love you all, miss you always, and hope to at least see some of you soon!!!  (and if I get my wish, Santa will put a little something extra in everyone's stockings!!)  Love you all!!!

(Edited the glaring spelling error at 11:50am Christmas morning...hoping everyone missed!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not going to apologize again...or make promises...

I am sure you are tired of my excuses for NOT blogging, so I am going to try to come up with more reasons FOR me to do it.  I am not really sure for one, that anyone reads it to start with, but it is a way to say alot of what I am thinking and to see my artwork displayed, and to talk just a bit about it.

So, since we last 'spoke', the grinch stole Christmas, or at least the commercial end of it.  We had a nice one, in spite of it, very few decorations...very few presents...just love!  We had the holiday show, and I sold a number of paintings, which made me very happy!! Each year, I sell a few more...which encourages me!

I fell on Christmas Eve, and bruised my hip, which made walking difficult; between that and my normal depression which seemed to intensify, not much got done around the house.  Then as I began to feel better , my health did not....kind of weird, huh?

So Tuesday, I had exploratory surgery, and the doctor is running tests on some other problems.   I hate waiting....I really do.  Because it was my right breast again, I cannot paint, comfortably, yet....maybe by this weekend.  Even using the computer is a bit ouchy, but I can use just my left hand if I need a break.

I did get a couple more Christmas paintings done...which are 5x7's...

This ornament was made with modeling paste and glass beads in gel to add the texture.

The amaryllis was painted loosely in an impasto style...knives and toothpicks...and brushes.
The cardinal was a challenge in Wet Canvas, the reference was nice and I enjoyed doing it. 

This next one was a challenge as well....a big one!!  It is a 1934 Huppmobile, from a car museum in Alaska.  It is 11x14

This is one of the pieces I am working on now; I love horses...they are so beautiful!!  And I love/loved to ride; tho' I am not sure if I ever will be able to again.  I remember the feelings a good ride gave me....and the imaginary feelings as well...from reading Black Beauty, and My Friend Flicka, etc....a friend of mine took a photo of a jumper....and I pictured the freedom side of it...less helmet....just the pure joy of riding and being one with the horse. This one is also 11x14...

I still have some work to do on it...and hope to be done soon!

I am also doing another challenge...a self portrait...which I cannot show until the online reveal date.

Well, I am still sore, and the typing does not help, so I am going to close for now.  Thanks for reading!!  Hope to see you soon!