Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Guess my "Give a Darn" is Busted!

Sometimes real life gets in the way, sometimes people get in the way, but lately I just have not cared...about anything. Don't recall ever feeling this way for this long. I have such great plans to blog every day, so in case anyone actually reads this, they would not have to wait weeks to hear from me. I get so caught up in painting, and such, that I never seem to have the time. I need to become a better manager of my time! I need to add excersise to the art, and quit staying up to paint until 2-3 am. Not gonna say that I will succeed, but I do know I have to try!
The card and poem were a hit with my dad...Yay!!! Finally got some points at birthday!

Had a show two weekends ago...the weather had been so rainy, that we did not have a great turnout. I finally got a tent...which is really gonna help...for sure!! I did not sell anything...but I did meet alot of interesting people.

Here are some of the ones I did earlier this year, and some new ones, I did in time for the show...

Rebirth (St. Peters Episcopal church in Oxford) 20x30

Autumm 10x20

All Tuckered Out...saw this little one in the local park, and could not resist painting it. 16x20

Practice Makes Perfect (Eli Manning warming up for a college game) 16x20

The Skateboard Park (in Oxford, MS) 20x30

Junior (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) 10x10

Smoke (Tony Stewart) 10x10

The Garden Bridge 10x10

I did sell the last one, the week before to one of my son's caseworkers....made me very happy!! She liked the flowers and the texturing...

I am having so much fun with using is fun, and gives each piece more depth, and also a nice tactile feel.

Well, that is all for today....I hope to see you soon!!


Editor said...

hi Susan,
snagged your pic for the Deer Camp Blog christmas Card, hope you are well.

Kathleen Sauerbrei said...

Any of us that know what your external struggles other than art know how well you have done this past year!!!!!
You have grown wonderfully with your painting, especially with the distractions you face daily.
Be kinder to yourself my friend.
Get that "Give A Darn" back and keep at it. Daily posts are not essential, weekly would be nice, but remember, we are here and we care!
and we will wait patiently for the next one.
Love and Hugs
(Who is catching up herself today!:) )

Susan said...

Thanks Editor....doing better here, in some ways at least! Cannot believe it is so close to Christmas!

Kathleen, my friend... hugs, and many thanks!! I try not to beat myself up too getting better each year. Bob and my friends try to teach me...I am just a slow learner I guess! :)