Monday, January 17, 2011

Demo....days one and two (sort of)

A post or two ago, I showed you a photo of our Christmas present....the house:

Here are more before promised earlier...

Bob surveying his new kingdom....
the side yard...can't wait to fill the bird bath...I will be able to see it from my studio :)

the back of the house...

This ugly shed will go, and be replaced by one we already have, and the tree to the right will come down, as it has alot of storm damage.

It essentially has two bedrooms,

(small   8x8)

a laundry room which is 1/3rd filled with a water heater,

 one bath,

(Where the closet is, we will be putting a large shower...will leave the tub/shower combo, and be putting in a new larger toilet, and in a small alcove behind the tub a urinal for Bubba.  We will be moving the vanity back into another closet to open the bathroom up a bit.)

a kitchen, which is getting a complete cabinets, cooktop, wall oven, more counter space, an island where the doorway is, because the wall will be gone and the old bedroom will be our dining room,

a dining room, which will be Bubba's room

a family room/den

a living room with 3 single windows, and one double...perfect for a studio :)

with a 5 1/2' x 9' foyer

When we get done, it will still have two (Bubba's)will change to where the dining room used to bath (and maybe a 1/2 bath), a combo office/studio for me with storage in the old formal living room, a laundry room without a hot water heater (going to go tankless), a kitchen/dining area combo by losing the old bedroom, and a combo office (Bob's) and family room, and a foyer with a door into my office (decorated of course with my artwork).

While my son-in-law was visiting, and crawling around under and over and inside the new house to check out it's condition, he and Bob took over some plastic bags to put some loose wallpaper in. Bob accidentally slammed the door when he left that afternoon, when they came back to the trailer to discuss renovations.. When they went back the next day, the slamming door must have loosened the ceiling tiles, because all of the ones that were asbestos tile, had fallen into the garbage bags.  What a miracle for Bob and I, because it was one less thing to do, after the signing.

look, more asbestos

His heart attack has kept us from any serious work, for a week or so, tho' he did mow the lawn the other day, and I cleared away some vines choking "my" trees, and trimmed the limbs that were too close to the house and windows.  We had dealt with the broken sheet-rock in the kitchen, and put the rest in bags.

Yesterday and today, we worked on what will be a combo office (Bob's) and family room, and took down all the molding and paneling so we could get to the next level to do the rewiring of the house.  I carried out all the bags of tile, and the removed wood and paneling to stack in the carport.  Later we will load it in the trailer and take it to the dump.

Bob untangling heavy extension cords for the temporary service while we renovate....

the start of the pile...all the asbestos first....

some of the kitchen bags
and we found some of the cabinets easy to move...

under the paneling was particle board, which Bob will use a dremel  on, to cut chanels for the wiring...after we
pull all the old wiring, and hopefully sell the copper in it for some money....there should be quite a bit of it.

Tomorrow we rest, and then back at it on Tuesday!  Will try for more pics then.  Night all!

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