Friday, April 22, 2011

As the house turns...

It’s hard to believe Bob has almost been gone 2 months...maybe because we miss him so much?  It has been hard on Bibba, but once we started praying for a hug from Jesus, his face lights up when we do. Once he told me how pretty He was, and kissed the air as tho’ on someone’s cheek
I refuse to speculate or question what he sees.  I am just truly thankful that he gets peace from it, as do I.

As the house comes together, I hope that Bob can see how great it looks, and approves of the changes I made in it.  With just the two of us, I shuffled around a few of the rooms, and changed a bit of the floor plan.  I am getting so excited!!  There is a bit of a problem with the deed and probating the will....but praying hard that it is straightened out soon!  God has brought us this far, and I believe He will bring us the rest of the way.

And now for pictures....

First, a quick shot of the tree I talked about last time....and the continued thought to ponder....when there was no stump there for it to be from when it stood in the road....why is there one now???

A shot of the kitchen from the dining is a dusty blue, with dark gray-blue ceramic tile on the countertop that Eric created...they have blue and a rusty color running thru' them...with a marbled look.  The cabinets are white, as are the sink and stovetop, and the dishwasher, wall-oven/microwave combo and the frig are black.
this is my studio/ is huge, has two more windows than you can see....again it is painted the dusty blue, and after they are sanded will have hardwood floors.

Next is the bathroom which is a pale grey is my bedroom and the living room/family room....the bath and laundry room, which is also green, have a marbled looking vinyl flooring....grey/greens and browns. 

one shot of the kitchen, beside the sink....

Two oops pics....where when Eric went to start the laminate flooring (which is in the kitchen, dining room, living room and Bubba's room), in the living room, he stepped right thru' the sub flooring...time out to patch the hole and put in new plywood.

And the other way is Bubba's room gonna have the frig in it....problem was it was too wide for the the door. With some removal of pieces-parts and some squeaky found it's home in the

I skipped the ‘in between photos, tho’ I did take them....but I was more excited to show you where it is now...and cannot wait to take pics today to show you how much further it has come since last week!!  Eric is truly a hard worker and we are blessed to have him!!

Hopefully more this evening, or tomorrow....bye for now!


Kathleen Sauerbrei said...

It is so lovely, and coming together so well.
Please give Eric a wonderful hug from me and let him know how much we all appreciate his hard and wonderful work. He is truly a gem.

Lenore said...

Susan. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I think of you so often and pray God gives you strength.

I've enjoyed seeing your new home come together. It is looking lovely. I wish you and Bubba the best.

I certainly miss your art. God Bless and I keep you in my prayers. Stay strong ........ Lenore (MRSBB)

Carol Artlett said...

Susan glad to see that things are coming together. It looks as though you have a lovely place. I am excited to see your painting again when you get around to it. I am sure you are still very busy. We miss you. Love Carol.