Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting closer...

Quick update...too tired for much.  The roadblocks keep coming, but I refuse to give in. Last night my brakes went out again....this time a brake line.  Then had to go to the lawyer's office to sign some papers and get the process of probating Bob's will started.  Even after a late start I got most of the rugs moved and the grill, and some odds and ends. I am nearly finished cleaning up the new house (still have the kitchen cabinets and Bubba's closet and all the windows...and there are A LOT of windows-19). I have moved all but the dining room rug and started on the small stuff and the outside furniture, etc.

Tomorrow we have to go to Grenada and see Social Security, and Medicaid...ick! More red tape and bureaucracy, sigh. Then more moving...Sunday one of my 'car guys' is coming to help me with some of the heavy stuff, which is really nice of him!  The neighbors have been helping me carry things in, which is also very nice.

Here are some pics to catch everyone up...more to follow!

here's the carport...somewhat cleaned  some building supplies and trash and garage sale stuff to re-arrange, but getting there...

Before pics in my bedroom...what a way to treat hardwood floors...sigh

 then after six scrubbings, scrapings, and my surrender

so, I decided rugs would cover most of it...and then the queen sized bed and dressers would cover the rest

another view....

then my studio....the floors in here turned out much better!

the kitchen with two views and the dining room....

Gonna work on Bubba's room late tomorrow, and then the kitchen, so I can start moving more stuff in on Saturday and Sunday.

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Kathleen Sauerbrei said...

OMG That Studio is to die for, Wonderful work on everything else.