Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Year of the Heart...

I have changed the name of this the year of the heart. From heart attack to heart attack to heart attack, and also the melding of two hearts at my son's wedding.

First my dad in April, then my hubby in July, my son's wedding in August, and then my hubby again just last week. As the year of the heart has the joy of still having all these hearts with me!!

But in spite of it all...I paint on! I did a number for the holidays, and for Christmas presents that will be very late.

These are 5x7 on canvasboard....

This next one was just for fun...12x24 wrapped canvas...

This one, I added dragons to, for my hubby's birthday on the 13th...which he did not get until after he went into congestive heart failure in Utah. But he made it home...and that was my early Christmas present!!

This I did, not only as an excercise, but also for my son's caregiver...who is a godsend!!

These are my dad's parents...for his Christmas present...

And my mom's parents for hers...tho' I am not quite done yet...

Thanks for looking, and for understanding the chaos of my life!!


Anonymous said...

Susan, I've been away from WC, so I'm behind on the news. I am SO SORRY to hear your hubby is having health problems again/still!

Your portraits are AWESOME! You are getting SO GOOD! CONGRATULATIONS!

And I pray the new year brings health and happiness to you and your family.

Susan said...

Thank you, amo...I appreciate your comments!!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Susan,

Indeed sometimes trying to cope with things in life can be tricky, but one has to live as best as one can an try to have a positive attitude.
Your works are quite good.
An advice : after a meal is better to drink some warm tea than a cold drink.
Afterall chinese do it and their culture is an ancient one.
Ah ! And of course that smilling is one of the best remedies :-)

Take care,