Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She showed up 2 days in a row....

Look I am back again...two days in a row!! If I could have found a smiley that was patting itself on the back...I might have put it up!

Today was just a run around in 100°+ day...drugstore, library, artist/paint stores, groceries, and dinner out for my son! His caregiver came with us, because he really loves trips to town, but his behavior is sometimes more than I can handle alone. All in all...not a bad day, except for the heat.

Seems to be hotter, earlier this year. I hope it goes down a little bit, so that I can at least get the grass mowed once this year. For some reason, I just cannot deal with the heat this year.

I was really excited to get a deal on a large canvas...24x36..which will fit in a frame I got for $5.00 (it has a scratch)in Ohio, the last time we went up to see my folks. This should make a great painting...once I figure out what to put in it. All suggestions will be listened to....so if you have any...let me know!

There are just so many things out there to paint!! So many pictures I have taken, and others have taken, that will let me use them.

Well, i't late...I will try to be back tomorrow! My pc seems to have locked up half the programs....byeeeeeeeeeee!!

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