Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not going to apologize again...or make promises...

I am sure you are tired of my excuses for NOT blogging, so I am going to try to come up with more reasons FOR me to do it.  I am not really sure for one, that anyone reads it to start with, but it is a way to say alot of what I am thinking and to see my artwork displayed, and to talk just a bit about it.

So, since we last 'spoke', the grinch stole Christmas, or at least the commercial end of it.  We had a nice one, in spite of it, very few decorations...very few presents...just love!  We had the holiday show, and I sold a number of paintings, which made me very happy!! Each year, I sell a few more...which encourages me!

I fell on Christmas Eve, and bruised my hip, which made walking difficult; between that and my normal depression which seemed to intensify, not much got done around the house.  Then as I began to feel better , my health did not....kind of weird, huh?

So Tuesday, I had exploratory surgery, and the doctor is running tests on some other problems.   I hate waiting....I really do.  Because it was my right breast again, I cannot paint, comfortably, yet....maybe by this weekend.  Even using the computer is a bit ouchy, but I can use just my left hand if I need a break.

I did get a couple more Christmas paintings done...which are 5x7's...

This ornament was made with modeling paste and glass beads in gel to add the texture.

The amaryllis was painted loosely in an impasto style...knives and toothpicks...and brushes.
The cardinal was a challenge in Wet Canvas, the reference was nice and I enjoyed doing it. 

This next one was a challenge as well....a big one!!  It is a 1934 Huppmobile, from a car museum in Alaska.  It is 11x14

This is one of the pieces I am working on now; I love horses...they are so beautiful!!  And I love/loved to ride; tho' I am not sure if I ever will be able to again.  I remember the feelings a good ride gave me....and the imaginary feelings as well...from reading Black Beauty, and My Friend Flicka, etc....a friend of mine took a photo of a jumper....and I pictured the freedom side of it...less helmet....just the pure joy of riding and being one with the horse. This one is also 11x14...

I still have some work to do on it...and hope to be done soon!

I am also doing another challenge...a self portrait...which I cannot show until the online reveal date.

Well, I am still sore, and the typing does not help, so I am going to close for now.  Thanks for reading!!  Hope to see you soon!


Kathleen Sauerbrei said...

Just so you know, your appearance here is always appreciated, and always a relief.
Your disappearance would be cause for GREAT concern.
Do what you have to, and we all will be patient.
Be well my friend.

Mary Kay Chicoine said...

Keep up the good work! Good luck with your art and best wishes for your health.