Friday, December 24, 2010's Christmas time again????

Hmmmmm...let's see....add two parts stress, and four parts pain in joints, as the year passes take these to the square root of 10 and increase exponentially as time gets shorter and the sun shines, increase the stress by larger portions when the pain reaches critical points...add in the volatility of the manchild increased by the sum of insanity plus the lack of a caregiver, but only when it's total is greater than the original total of the stress plus pain...which is greater than the total of the whole total in the past 10 months...????

Oh crap, never was that good at math anyway!  I do know it added up to a lot of hiding in Farmville and Farmtown (for non-Facebook people, those are games, very time-consuming games).  From the urging of my hubby, to play so we would have a similar intrest, has grown a full blown addiction!  Yes...I find it impossible to not play, and seem to again find it impossible to quit once I have started...I have lists of things to do...but people don't seem to understand when I say I just had to plant and harvest first.  And most of the bill collectors have no sense of humor about it, tho' I have discovered a few fellow addicts among them.  Let us just say, it has been a LONG year, with way too much 'real life' to interfere with my online life and artwork.

Things are beginning to look up....we just bought a house....and that was the easy!!!  Now we get to remodel it...or should I just say demo most of the inside and re-wire & re-plumb all of it; completely redo the kitchen and walls, new floor, new ceilings....fence the yard ...and so on....and hopefully have it close enough to live in by Feb.  Yeah, sure, we old folks are gonna have a lot more aches and pains than we have!!

Yet, hopefully, we will find that 3 disabled people can find happiness in a new place...I know we will find change....and am grateful for the chance.

Will try to post as we you can peek at our progress.....could prove to be humorous...or not?

Here is the best Christmas present we could have asked for!!

To all our family and friends, near and far, from in this area to all over the world....May the peace and joy of this holiday season, bring us all closer together and fill our hearts with boundless joy!!  We love you all, miss you always, and hope to at least see some of you soon!!!  (and if I get my wish, Santa will put a little something extra in everyone's stockings!!)  Love you all!!!

(Edited the glaring spelling error at 11:50am Christmas morning...hoping everyone missed!)

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