Saturday, March 10, 2012

Treading water....

Some days I feel really good, and much like my 'old' self, and other days, I still feel like I am drowning in a sea of overwhelming stress.   I painted like crazy for a few months, but now find myself back in pc games...I go out a bit, but as little as possible; I don't seem to really want to be around people right now.  Watch out if you are a cashier somewhere and ask me how I am doing....I will probably tell you and ruin your

I'm hoping a trip home will do me some and dad are in their nineties, and I miss them!  It will be nice to see a few friends and the rest of the family that is still there.  Funny how we spread out more and more, each generation seems to go further away. and all the 'old homesteads' are sold for the most part.  Very little looks as it did when we were young, which may be a good thing, and may not be; I suppose it depends on your viewpoint.

I kind of miss having a neighborhood where you knew everyone, and had occasional get-togethers....just for fun.  Not that one could not get to know ones neighbors now...but very few seem to bother; and the differences between neighbors seems greater than when I was young....maybe not as important, but there.

Well, I did not intend for this to be is a beautiful day outside...the birds are singing away, and lots of tiny little flowers scent the air.  I enjoy sitting on my porch, and watching things...I guess I am turning into an 'old'  Tho' I think I have always enjoyed watching, more than participating....or was it that I never got invited to participate?  Who knows.

Here is the little I have done, finished up one, and two more that I don't know if I am totally done or not....

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