Friday, June 29, 2012

Catch up time....again....

I am not sure I will ever be really good at keeping up on this....maybe one day, my life will balance itself out, and I will follow my own "rules" of what I am gonna post in here, check my email, pay bills, clean the house, etc....on a regular basis, instead of hit and miss.

And maybe pigs will fly, and it will snow in hell, etc....

I have not done too much since the last post, at least not artwork; been working a bit on the house, which is important. Last week I got sidetracked by my paints....and here's some of what I did....

My daughter....isn't she beautiful?   16x20 acrylics

A dragon....just for fun....11x14 acrylics

A gardenia from my house....which I can mark sold!   11x14 acrylics

See you when I do something new....or maybe before....if I behave!  Thanks for looking!!

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