Thursday, July 5, 2012

And the painting goes on...

Been too hot to do much, so I have been painting....:)  I finally started on my grandfather's portrait.

This was the ref photo I had to work with, and it was not easy to see some of what I needed to see.

I gathered a few extra photos of him, from my brother....he does all the genealogy stuff in the family.  I tried to use the basic bone structure and such in an attempt to keep him looking young.

It was not easy to not paint him the way I knew him, but this photo is from around 1916-1918...before my mom was even born.  Here is where I mom saw it and recognized that it was her dad....Yay!!  She is 90+ and I figured if she knew who it was, then I had 'done good'!

       acrylics on 16x20 canvas

Started this little dude last night....

               acrylics on 11x14 mutlimedia artboard

he is one of the mockingbird fledglings that have been living in my yard. He is from the second nesting....and there are new ones at the moment from the 3rd; mom and dad have kept this batch a bit more hidden.  They don't really seem to mind my curiosity or pictures....for some reason, they seem to know I won't hurt them.....maybe because I have helped to chase off the neighborhood cats.  I just love the stance he took....kind of a "make my day!", tho' it might have been "will these legs really hold me up?'  Long way to go with him...but hopefully he will turn out.

Last night I was watching the fireworks with the Boston Pops Symphony....and thought I'd paint along.  I painted on some scrap paper, just for fun, and liked it enough to use a canvas today.  I am not sure I am done yet...I never know....but I think I am close.

              acrylics on 24x24 deep wrapped canvas

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Kathleen Sauerbrei said...

I love all three, but your grandfathers is so very Special.
You have achieved wonderful things with this Painting Susan.