Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A day of remembering...

Perhaps today is not a day for art...but for reflection...

I occasionally write poetry, not as often anymore, since I paint.  It seems to me, you often only have one muse or the other, not two.  I was looking at one I wrote and it seemed appropriate for today...


And it is over,
it is done;
here too briefly,
gone too soon.
Borne on the wind,
memories of love;
bonds broken,
spirits sadden;
motes of dust,
dancing in the sun,
reflections of,
thoughts and
phrases spoken.
Untold words
speak inside,
where only now
no one can hear;
silence heavy,
sounds weighted
with grief and tears.
Over now, and yet
beginning too,
angels weep;
guilt and blame,
release from
freedom, and chains
binding further
than in life.
The good die;
evil flourishes;
questions fill us,
answers elude,
and we wait;
we watch as
raindrops fall like
tears of silver.
Neverending, eternal
flames of night,
eating at our
ability to cope;
the days pass,
hours crawling,
minutes hastening.
And it is over,
it is done;
too soon we say,
too late we cry;
finished for now.

Prayers for those in Boston...

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