Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Day

Learning how to use this particular editor, is teaching me a number of ways to improvise, and I am also having to remember alot more HTML, than I was planning to. However, I want this to look, the way I want it to look, not just how it decides to put it together; so far this is not easy. The help features are not exactly simple to use, or at least not for me, because everytime I try a search, it comes up empty. I submitted questions in the help forum, but in the list of questions others had asked, there seemed to be quite a few with no answers. Which begs the question of whether there are no answers?..or no one is answering the questions. I wanted the paintings to go along with each posting, but it does not seem to work that way, or at least not so far....but I am not

As for my painting, after I worked from some books and tutorials, for a bit, I had this compulsion to do portraits as well as landscapes. At the beginning, I had alot of nice people, who looked pretty good, as people go; they just did not look like the person I was painting.

I did not give up tho', and slowly but surely, I learned how to do a little bit better; and they began to look like that person. Everyday, I learn more and more. Every portrait, I master more and more skills. I have found that I truly enjoy the challenge of capturing someone on canvas. I am working on my skills by doing self-portraits, catpive subject
My Love
Acrylics on 12x12 paper

I enjoyed painting this portrait of my husband, and plan on doing many more of favorite subject.

My Son

Acrylics on 12x12 paper

He is another of my favorite subjects, but with his ADHD and other problems, I have trouble getting him to hold still long enough to

My Parents

Acrylics on a 9x12 canvas panel

My parents are getting a bit older, and my mom has been sick alot lately. I wanted to paint some pictures of her, and my father, now while they were still with us. It is only the first of what I have done...and hopefully will be part of a series.

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sandy said...

What a nice portrait, I bet they love it.