Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Starving Artist Sale over...

Hi, all ! Well the sale is over, and it was sort of a dud. The only ones who sold anything were some teenagers, whose relatives and friends purchased things. Not that they were not good, some of them were quite talented. It just reminded me of how many years I have wasted.

It did get me out of the house and away from things, so I guess it did serve an important purpose. I suppose I got a bit spoiled by selling something at the very first two shows I had; now that my head is back to the right size, I can get down to work. I have the commission from the library sale to do, so I need to get busy on that. Plus we have a show at the end of the month, that I would like some new things for.

After Christmas was over, I received some old photos from a good friend. I started trying to paint her....


her son,

and an old one of me.

It should be obvious, but I am not done with any them...it has just been too crazy with my son, and portraits take so much time to do. I am looking forward to working on some new paintings of my good friend. She looked so much like Elizabeth Taylor when she was younger. She thought the first one I did looked more like Barbara Bush than her...but then the reference photo was very blurry; so, as I said, now that she sent me more photos, with highter resolutions, I can't wait to try again.
I also started trying self portraits, because it is supposed to be really good practice, for doing others. So I started trying them, but everyone thought I made myself look too old or too fat. I was trying to be honest, but maybe my eyes were exagerating my flaws...I know I am definitely my own worst critic.
Well, I am dealing with a sick child, which cuts my tiny little bit of free time down even further. It seems to be just a sinus headache, but it has left him pretty testy. I hope to be back a little sooner than this time, but I have to go for tonight.

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