Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Joys of Life....

I wish I had been able to write earlier, but between my dad's health, and the return of the manchild...things have been crazier than anticipated. Dad seems to be doing better; they are all moved into a seniors apartment. Dad says a few mornings at first my mom thought they were in a motel, on a trip. I imagine it would be hard to move after 55 years in the same place. So many memories in each piece of that house...even tho' alot has been updated, I still remember how it was...from the time I was 3. Many changes...some for us...some because of us. I remember getting a new ceiling in the living room...that was because I was in the attic, and my foot missed the rafters, and it went thru' the insullation and the sheetrock. I don't think I was very popular for a bit after that!

My son's wedding was a wonderful break for Bob and I! The kids were so cute, and so in love...they were just lost in each other the whole day...and still are. I remember feeling that way...actually still do...I love my hubby more today, than I did when we got married in 1999. I am very lucky! It was nice to dance for hours together!

Things here since Bubba's return have not gone as planned. He came home a little bit less combative, but with a total disregard for obedience. He does what he wants to, when he wants to; refusing all limits and boundaries. That does not make things very easy for any way, since I cannot make him do anything anymore. I have to really pick and choose my battles, and even then I may not win. I have had to installed keyed deadbolts on all the locks...and am wondering about the windows next. He left at 3 am one night, in the pouring down rain, and walked almost two miles up the road. A very nice gentleman found him when he left for work, and managed to get him inside his garage out of the rain. They could understand some of what he said...but not all, because of his speech problems. They could understand that his name was Bubba, and that he wanted to go home...but not where he lived. So sad to say, they felt they had to call the police. They came and got me about much fun, when I got there they helped me to get him into the truck. So until I could get to the store to get new locks, we slept tied together, so I would wake up if he moved.

Well...I just got my answer on the! He was just knocking at the door. He put his chair outside...and then climbed over the sill onto the chair....sigh! Guess I get out the nails or screws and fix that. God love him, he is inventive!

The worst part is he has been home now for a month now, and my home services have not resumed yet. So it is just me, 27/7...trying not to complain, but I don't like being locked in the house with him all the time. Thank goodness my husband came home last weekend, after I begged. It gave me a bit of a break; but it is so hard on him, so I really need other help.

I will leave you with this thought, in honor of my son's wedding!


We said our vows and pledged
our love; exchanging rings, we
gave our promise to each one.
Never knowing what would follow,
we made a choice to live united;
good or bad, easy or hard, we
chose to join and fight together.
We watch as one, a dawning day;
hold our hearts till our last breath.
Our dreams are shared, our goals
we dare to make again as new;
for now we strive to form a whole,
untried, we brave the way ahead.
Only God knows our future trials,
what we will have to face there;
whether peace and calm await, or
continuing tribulations are in store.
Yet, we can triumph, in unity,
our continuity and friendship,
synchronized by our devotion.


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