Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time sure flies when you are NOT havinig fun too....

Things here have been totally is so hard to explain all that happens in my life. Some out there that have special needs children would understand, tho' each child is different. With Bubba's blend of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, and autism...well, I can say that we rarely have a dull day! And if it is quiet, it is only because he is asleep, and getting the energy for another!

Let's just say I have had very little time to paint lately. The last few days, I have just painted...since his behavior is not much different either way...sigh!

I'd like to show you some of what I have finished up; it is nice to have a few of them off my easel.
16x16 acylics on wrapped canvas
11x14 acylics on wrapped canvas
16x16 acylics on wrapped canvas

I have shown you some of the main challenges we do at Wet Canvas. One smaller one, that I did just a few for, was different colored still lifes. The one for blue, I just finished. It has been awhile since we did them, but there was something just "not right". I am posting the ones that did not go well too...maybe it will make the ones that turned out okay look! Still lifes are just not my favorite things, but good practice fot other things. So I keep trying.

The first that I tried was red...and I liked it...12x12 acylics on paper

then orange...sigh...
8x10 acrylics on paper

then yellow...ouch...
8x10 acrylics on wrapped canvas

then green...?....
8x10 acrylics on black artboard

and last was blue...I am proud of this one.
11x14 acrylics on wrapped canvas

I guess two out of 5 is not too bad. I admit, my heart was not in most of them.

Here is one he let me paint outdoors...while he was playing with his ended when it began to rain. It is 16x16 acrylics on a wrapped canvas...
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5248218885038766386" />

Have a great week! Hope to be back more often now!

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