Friday, May 16, 2008

Been a bit busy...

Hubby had a great idea the other morning, he suggested that since I am painting now, and using my office as a studio as well as office, that maybe I should have the larger room, instead of him. He is on the road most of the time, so he really did not need all that space.

I hesitated, thinking of all the effort to move everything. Yet, after he went into his office and started clearing me space, I felt almost obligated to do it. Not that it was a bad idea, but with the need to do alot of paintings for my next show, I did not know when I would find the time to do both.

Well for the last three days, I have been moving, and moving...and carrying pile of stuff...sorting piles of stuff, and creating a mountain of All the funiture is changed, and except for about 3 more piles, everything has been switched. When they will actually look like rooms again, is anyone's guess. I painted a bit yesterday and this morning for a break, and am getting ready to start sorting again. Don't know where to go with some stuff, that is for sure. This is when I hate being a pack rat.

I am just of a mind that one never knows when one is going to need a small piece of wood, the back to the battery compartment of an old game....some loose puzzle pieces, that I should still have the puzzles for....short pieces of wire come in handy all the time, you know. Maybe I spend to much time making do? Did you ever notice tho' that right after you throw out that ____, you find you could sure use a _____ to fix whatever it is you are fixing? Maybe that is only something that happens here at my house. You know, that place that Murphy lives...he is here every day. I sometimes think he and my son are best friends.

Since, I last posted, my father's sister-in-law passed; she was a neat lady and a fun aunt. I remember thinking she was glamerous when I was young. Things like this always make memories surface, and I had such fun recalling her mother, who considered herself everyones Nanny. She was so much fun, and lived to be well over 100 yrs. old. I remember how my uncle loved to build model planes to fly....he loved most things to do with flying. He spent most of his life working for NASA, and was involved in many of the early space flights. The computers were his "babies", and I remember seeing pics of the huge rooms full of reel to reel recorders and far we have come since then.

Well, I have postponed work long enough...time to sort and toss.

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