Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Late night update...

Things here remain is back in the hospital,Bubba graduated yesterday, and the great move...well, it moves on. I really wish things would calm down a bit...but then I suppose that would not be real life.
I want to thank Rex from the Deer Camp Blog for his generous praise of my portrait of Thunderfoot. It was a pleasure to go out to the camp and do a plein air painting of this majestic deer while Rex was fishing. This artist's eye saw the majesty of his stance, and the spirit of eternity in his eyes! When I got back to my studio, I did a few tweaks on him, because I truly wanted to capture his beauty. I hope all will forgive any artistic license I took.

Last time I showed you the dogs and kitties....but after doing some animals, I tried some flowers....not sure that florals are the direction I am heading, but I love those that others do, so I had to try my own.

These are not florals, but plantlife.....

Well, it is late, so I will close for now. I hope you are enjoying some of my artwork.

I do have to apologize to anyone whose comments I have not acknowledged, it was not intentional, I just did not understand how to do so. I am still learning how to do this blogging thing, and now I have learned how. Thanks for your comments!

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