Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Real life enters....

Well, it is quiet, but it is not calm. Since Bubba left, it has been a bit more hectic than I had planned. The pickup needs work and tires, the air conditioner died, and now dad is back in the hospital. It is always something, or so it seems.

I am so angry at the doctors, and at the closing of ranks to protect each other. First they messed up on the meds they gave him after the surgery, and he ended up with congestive heart failure. Now they messed the meds up again, and his kidneys are not functioning correctly, his heart rate is way too low, and they think maybe the scar tissue from some of their procedures might be strangling his heart. Knowing my parents, they would never sue...but at this point, I think I would, just on the principal of things! It is old...I remember when my mom first got cancer...they treated her for hemorrhoid's for 7 years, and she had colon cancer. My sister works for a lawyer, and nothing can be done. But it does not stop the anger! Wish I could threaten them with something, that is for sure.

I have started remembering alot of my childhood memories. Maybe because of the stress, I don't know. I do know, that I have been pleasantly surprised at how nice they were. I have been learning how very much I love my family, and remembering how much they love me!

Well, in all this heat, I have had alot of trouble sleeping. So I am going to try and catch a few...

I'll leave you with this....


Whenever I reflect upon
the person I call mother,
I find myself humming:
M is for the many things she gave me......
a song I learned quite young;
and I wonder if it really
shows what all I think of her.

She taught me much,
and was always there;
I never had to beg at all
to get the attention I needed from her,
or the love that was mine;
she stayed at home,
and lived for just her family.

She is, and was, strong
in her faith, and in her love;
she fought battles, in life,
that would have been
hard for others, and came through triumphantly;
winning her way back,
to her loving family.

I can only wish for me,
to find inside of myself,
the heritage she gave
to each of her children;
and the ability to become, a better person,
so that I can say with pride,
I am just like my mother.


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