Friday, June 20, 2008

The studio move is over...

Well, I finally can see the floors and some of the walls, in my new office/studio. I have 3 tables to draw with a drafting-type top that adjusts to different angles; one that is just flat for sketching, tracing, drawing, reading, or whatever I need to do, and one for my easels, so I can paint on them. Sometimes I paint on an easel, sometimes I like to lay it all depends. I can see the top of my desk, and my pc is set up with the keyboard and mouse in a convenient location, that is less stress on my arms and hands; and plenty of space to change their locations if I want to for some reason. My bills, ledgers, and budget book have their own spot, and so does my shredder, and calculator. The scanner is where I can scan my artwork, and my printer is in a good spot to print out things to paint or whatever else I need to print. I like to make my own cards for birthdays and anniversaries, etc. The paper, and specialty paper, and other stuff is located right under the printer where it is easy to access.

Daddy is home from the hospital again...hopefully for longer this time! The truck is fixed, but still needs tires...soon, I hope. The air conditioner is fixed, and should require nothing until the fall, if then. Hopefully other than the fast growing grass, the rest of this month will go easy!

I no longer am stressing about the Watermelon Festival...making sure I have enough paintings...getting a tent, and enough fans and cold water to make it thru' the potentially 100 to 115 degree days. I am sending an email to get my deposit back, because my son has chosen that weekend to get married! So instead of sweltering in the heat...I am going to be mother of the groom! Not sure how that will hopeful that current husband and ex-husband will be cordial and get along. I plan on being a wonderfully polite and nice person! He and I do not seem to dislike each other quite as much as we used to...maybe because we are separtated by 600 miles, and two other to speak. We are each on our 3rd relationship...and second marriage. So, as in everything, with the passing of time, things change. Hopefully, since we are both happy in our current relationships, things will go smoothly.

Well...I have to get up early {shudder} in the am, so I will leave you with this thought...


Family is funny,
or so it seems;
it's one way when young, but
not when you're old.

One might be smarter,
some are still fools;
some grow into adults,
others pass on.

I often recall,
past holidays;
crowded with so many,
yet seldom esteemed.

Did wishes come true,
not all are here;
did we want them to leave,
or waste our time?

When your youth passes,
some hopes will change;
if-only's and what-if's,
are food for thought.

Family is funny,
or so I think;
for that which we had once,
is not there today.

Old squabbles and feuds,
seem stupid now;
if we did it again,
would it be the same?

If I could go back,
I'd want to say;
that I love you, miss you,
and see you some day.

Family is funny,
tho' I feel sad;
family's not forever
enjoy while you can.


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