Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free time...what free time?

As June closed, and July started...weeks of painting to my hearts content stretched ahead of me. I was beginning to relax about my dad, who seems to be doing better. I finished up alot of work for a friend, which took about 2 weeks, and did some yardwork (tho' not really enought...lol). Yet it was looking good...I showed you some of what I was working on, and had so many ideas of what and where I wanted to go next. Then, as usual, Real Life stepped in, and my husband had a "cardiac incident" which is the way they say it when they do not feel comfortable saying he had a heart attack, I guess. He had stents put in, and is doing fine; in fact he goes back to work tomorrow.

However, all of that left me with not only little time to paint, but a healthy dose of stress again. Oh, well....maybe that is just how it is supposed to be. I did get a little more work done on two I had started, and started one more. So for now...these are just WIP's (works in progress).

I still need to work some more on the clouds...I am just not happy with them yet.

This I had planned on making into another fantasy one, with perhaps a dragon, but have been requested by friends and family to not use this one for that purpose...we shall see where it goes...

This one, well...it is a memory of childhood. We used to have two "circles" of grass in the yard that were a different type of grass than the rest of the lawn. As kids we called them fairy circles, and played there often, imagining all sorts of things. I was into reading fairy tales, and dreamt of unicorns and fairy princesses, of following Alice into the rabbit hole, of talking to animals like Dr. Dolittle, etc. I was not much for playing girl games, or doing girl stuff, I was quite the tom boy on the outside, but I suppose when I dreamt, I was a typical female of the 50's anyway. This still has a long way to go, but it is getting there...

With the fourth of July coming up, and September 11th, never far from my heart and mind...I wanted to do something patriotic. I am so amazed at 'Generation X', as I believe they are called, and also the The Millennial Generation. On the surface of things, they seem so young, so questioning of values...but I am sure that is what our parents thought of the sixties generation too. They have risen to the challenge! I am so proud of all of them...we have a volunteer army...and oh so many volunteered after 9/11! And in spite of wars, skirmishes, UN interventions, military policing, or whatever you want to call all that is going on in the world...they continue to volunteer, there has been no need for a draft...they go to fight for our rights, to stand for our ideals, and to honor our country! God bless them, every one!!

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