Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Since I last posted...

Since I last posted, my husband had a heart attack; altho' they called it a 'cardiac incident', from what I could see it was the same thing. He had a heart catheterization, and while they were inside they put in some stents. A couple of the bypasses, of the 5 that he had done in 2000, had clogged or were clogging up. He is feeling much better now, and is going back to work tomorrow. I could have done without the stress, but am so thankful to still have him!

Corny as it may sound, he is still, after 10 years, the light of my life, my soul mate, and my knight in shining armor. There are two songs that I think of when I think of him, and if I hear those songs, I think of no one but him. One is Ty Herndon's "I Know How the River Feels" (audio), which seems to describe our path to each other; and "The Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd ( audio),which is 'Our Song'. It took us 48 years to meet, but we finally met and fell in love. I had always heard that if you were truly in love, you 'just knew' and there were no questions in you about whether you were; and I never understood what they meant by that. Once I met Bob, I knew...there were no questions...I just knew.

I did not plan to speak of love today, I was actually going to talk about patriotism, but I will save that for another day. Today, my thankfulness, leads me to love of this one person; perhaps tomorrow, to love of my country, which I spoke of today in my art blog...Artwork by Susan J. Richards.

Here is just one of the many poems I have written for and about my husband:


I'm in a place I found today,
deep within my spirit's core,
created by our union;

a space I didn't know of,
but where I plan to stay,
one more thing you give to me;

and just a simple thank you,
does not seem quite adequate,
to tell of my gratefulness.

My heart is overflowing,
with mounting joy and gladness,
mere words do not seem enough;

the tokens you have brought me,
the gifts of love presented,
have opened my life and heart.

The barren garden of my soul,
blooms beyond imagining,
with new and exotic flowers;

buds of changing attitudes,
fill the air with scents of love,
and visions of things to come.

I look and I see your smile,
and I feel your gentle touch;
I hear your word of comfort;

you speak of strength, not weakness,
you radiate love for me,
and your wisdom knows my needs;

your voice is soft with guidance,
your arms reach out and hold me,
and your lips are filled with praise.

I never knew these before;
never dreamt of them for me,
thought all was a fairy tale;

now here I am the princess,
and you my errant knight,
at home now in my garden.

Tho' storm and strife make changes,
and life's path not always smooth,
our two lives have refuge won;

we'll dwell herein together,
with our hearts and souls in tune,
safe and sound forever more.


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