Monday, February 25, 2008

Been crazy here...

Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to post in awhile; I haven't had much chance to do anything. I did work on upgrading my websites; but then I can do that in between watching my son, and running after him. Writing , and painting are a little more time consuming, and I need all my concentration or I just babble, or scribble.

I haven't sold any more paintings in the library show, but I did get a commission to do another painting of the Depot and double decker bus. I am excited about that; it will be interesting to do something similar, but different.

I have another showing this weekend, at the gallery I showed at the first time. Since I sold a painting there of a wizard, that I had been going to give my hubby, because I had just done it in fun. It was 12x12 on paper...

So this time I thought I would paint another more serious one on 11x14 canvas board, and see how it did...

I will let you know if it, or the new Oxford one do any good.

To sort of keep on with the order of what I have done...after working on the ones for the first showing, I started on Christmas and birthday presents. We have birthdays in December, as well as Christmas, so I decided to give a few paintings as presents this year. I think they were received in the spirit given. As I said in an earlier post I did a wedding portrait for my mom's birthday; and I also did a portrait of my husbands parents, who have both passed on.

He liked it! Then, I did one for my son-in-law whose birthday is on the same day as my husband's. He is an avid this is what I came up with:

It is acrylics on 12x12 paper.

Well, I need to get my son into bed....will try to be back sooner than last time to let you know how things are going. Night all!

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