Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a beautiful morning....

After the storms we have had the last day or so....some outside and some inside (my son); this is definitely a pretty day. The sun is shining and I am so in the mood to paint. I suppose I should go on with the progression I was showing of my work....I sort interrupted myself with the sale at the new show.

And then my son tends to interupt my life when he refuses to go to school, as he has done for the last 3 days. It leaves me little time to do anything, so when I get a few minutes I paint instead of blog. I have been working on updating my websites also, because that is easier to leave to check up on him than it is when I try to paint....acrylics dry out to fast to leave for very long.

As I said, in an earlier post, I am facinated with doing portraits, altho' I still love landscapes too. I cannot seem to make up my mind. I am actually just going back and forth at the moment; and trying to perfect my skills with both.

I enjoyed painting these of my parents :

and then I did these of a friend's son, who is now 3....he won't hold still long enough to be painted right

Then for my mom's birthday, I painted a portrait of their wedding, from an old photo from the 1940's. I really enjoyed giving her something to remember, as she is doing alot of that these days.

Then to keep up with my landscapes, I painted these sunrises: both quite different:

Well...since I lost this post for most of the day, now it is a beautiful night and time for me to get some sleep. Night all.

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