Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What a weekend...

This was definitely not the weekend I had planned. I did not plan to get sick, or have so much stress. However, I did get a little painting done, actually more than I might have because the Wet Canvas site was down for most of the with no online interference, I did some more work on my new local piece:

I messed around a bit with finishing touches on other stuff, but not much else. Too busy visting the master Oh, still not feeling quite myself, but I suppose that will come in time. I don't have much time this afternoon with chasing down my son, but I wanted to show a bit more of what I was doing.

When I had my first showing, I painted a thank you gift for the gallery owner...

and then I did a local Christmas scene of the town we live in:

Sorry I don't have any more time, but I will be back later. Thanks for looking in.

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sandy said...

I'm so enjoying looking in at your art..this one is so great!